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The FDGA (The Hong Kong Food, Drink & Grocery Association) is an industry issues driven association. The FDGA was founded more than 30 years ago and is well recognized by the industry, Government and other stakeholders. It is an independent mouthpiece for its members, more than 40 companies, to address common issues.

The FDGA was established to provide a forum for companies active in manufacturing, importing, marketing and distribution of branded food, drink or grocery products in Hong Kong. Members of the FDGA meet together, review and discuss industry issues and concerns, decide on action where necessary and communicate with the media, industry or Government on these issues.

Through its gatherings it provides an opportunity for members to network other members of the trade and discuss topics of interest to the industry. In addition, the Executive Committee meets regularly to conduct the business of the Association.

The Government, other associations and trade bodies use the Association as a vehicle to reach member on topical issues.